Native Horticulture -functional and aesthetic ways of incorporating natives to your garden plan with natives Oakley Molinaro

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Saturday, March 12th, 2022
to (Central Time)

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Native plants are hardened, adapted, and freed our ecology.  From a windowsill or acreage, Oakley will address common difficulties and introduce new ideas on to help incorporate your favorite natives to any available space.  Some issues to be highlighted include water erosion, dry sandy soils, and areas of heavy clay with poor drainage   Hugelkultur will be highlighted as one practice, along with a variety of plants that may fit your needs-including: Butterfly Milkweed, Cardinal Flower, Stiff Goldenrod, and Wild Bergamot.

Oakley Molinaro is a student Arborist and Naturalist.  He previously worked a garden program for therapy and environmental education and is currently working in tree healthcare.

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